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Andøya Test Center Accepts 3 Model 3000-10 Systems with Master ACU
Thursday, August 04, 2011
Andøya Test Center accepted three Model 3000-10 Antenna Systems from TCS. Each of these 3000-10 Systems had an E-Band Autotracking Feed. One Acquisition Aid Feed was delivered to be mounted on any of the three systems. These systems were designed to be C-Band ready. The internal wiring is setup to allow the addition of a C-Band feed at the prime focus of the antenna in a Cassegrain configuration.
Each system also had a PAL camera attached that delivered video to the ACU-M1 over fiber, or to anywhere on the network over Ethernet. These systems came equipped with an air dryer to keep out moisture. Full status of the air dryer was returned to the ACU.

TCS developed a Master Antenna Control Unit (MACU) to provide monitor and control capability of all three antenna systems over an Ethernet connection. This MACU provides real time status of all the ACUs on the network while allowing the operator to send commands to each of the three systems.

The Master ACU
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