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Pt Mugu Accepts Two Model 3000i-8 Trailer Systems
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
TCS demonstrated for Pt Mugu two Model 3000i-8 Pedestals on Trailer. These new designs incorporate the use of an inverted pedestal design with the Azimuth Motors and Elevation Motors collocated inside the T-Head of the Pedestal. This allowed for a shorter overall system height for transportation purposes.

This also served as a demonstration of the Remote Booting of the ACU-M4. In this systems' configuration, there was no hard drive located inside the Local ACU-M4, nor in the Remote ACU as well. On boot up, each of these computer systems booted over the network from a central boot server. Then their personalities were downloaded after startup. The Remote ACU has the ability to control up to three Local ACU-M4s at the same time.

TCS is grateful to Pt Mugu for their continued patronage.
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